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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012 – The Mayan And Hindu Calendar- Is it the end of the world? Part II

 Continuation of the previous Blog. . . .

Let us analyze what Manu says. The length of the Satya Yuga is 4000 years with a buffer of 400 years on either side. This buffer is the Sandhi or junction where the effect of one Yuga fades away and of the other begins to hold sway. The total length of Satya Yuga is therefore 400+4000+400= 4800 years.

Treta Yuga is the next Yuga to follow and using the logic mentioned above its duration turns out to be 300+3000+300= 3600 years.

The other two succeeding Yugas are Dwapar and kali and their extent works out to be 200+2000+200= 2400 years and 100+1000+100= 1200 years respectively.
The grand total of 4800+3600+2400+1200 comes to 12000 years.

Our Sun orbits around a grand center called Vishnu Nabhi, which is the seat of universal intelligence. During its journey around Vishnu Nabhi when Sun comes closest to it, Dharma becomes the driving force of humans. Our proximity to the universal intelligence allows each and everyone of us to fully comprehend the reality of this creation, and remain plugged in to universal intelligence at all times.

As Sun begins to move away, our knowledge begins to fade away in direct proportion to our distance from Vishnu Nabhi. In this way Treta and Dwapar Yuga see the steady diminishing of human intelligence until it reaches its lowest level in Kali Yuga.

As Sun moves forward in its orbit, it begins to move towards Vishnu Nabhi and once again the human intellect begins to grow. It ultimately reaches its zenith in Satya Yuga. This cycle keeps repeating itself.

The movement of the Sun away or towards Vishnu Nabhi is indicated by the equinoctial point. When the autumnal equinox is in Aries, Sun is nearest to Vishnu Nabhi, and when it is in Libra, Sun is farthest from it (Vishnu Nabhi). This refers to the position of the equinoctial point and has nothing to do with the movement of Sun through the Zodiac.

In 11501 BC the autumnal equinox was on the first degree of Aries. At this point the Sun began to move away from its position closest to Vishnu Nabhi or grand center to its position farthest from it. This movement set in motion the very slow and imperceptible decline in the mental virtue of humans. The intellectual power of man began to diminish. 

In the next 4800 years we lost  the power to grasp spiritual knowledge. 

In the following 3600 years during the Sun’s journey through the descending Treta Yuga the human intellect lost all power of grasping the divine magnetism. 

In the succeeding 2400 years of the journey of the Sun through the descending Dwapar Yuga the intellect became more clouded and humanity lost the ability to understand the existence and nature of five electrical energies. 

Finally in the last 1200 years of the Kali Yuga the intellectual power became so weak that nothing about the creation could be understood.  Only gross material level of existence was known to us.  

Adding 12000 years to 11501 BC we reach a figure of 499 AD. The period around 500 AD was indeed the darkest part of kali Yuga and of the whole cycle of twenty four thousand years. Even a cursory study of the history of dark ages reveals – barring a few pockets of light - the cruelty, ignorance and animal like existence of people all over the world.

To be continued. . . . . .

Rajiv Sethi

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