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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sade Sati, What It Is And How Much Damage Can It Do?

Continuation of the previous Blog....

An Ashtak Varga chart is made for each planet and it gives a detailed picture of how a planet fares in different houses. If a planet gets a low of three and a high of five or six in all twelve houses, his results will be good as he goes around the zodiac. The rule here is higher the number, greater the strength.

What it means is, that for Saturn to give favorable results in a house, he must have at least four Ashtak Varga points there. If he has this strength, the results will be generally favorable even if the transit is through the fifth or the eighth house. The reverse is also true. If Saturn gets a low figure of zero to two in the third, the sixth or the eleventh house from Moon, his results will be poor, even though Saturn gives gratifying results in these houses. To predict the results of a planetary transit without looking at the Ashtak Varg figure is like shooting at a target without bringing it on the cross hairs of a sniper scope. One is bound to miss.

The concept of Vedh

Vedh in Sanskrit language means 'To pierce'. A planet when pierced, loses the capacity to give good or bad results. For the duration of the Vedh period he remains powerless.

A Vedh occurs under certain precisely laid down conditions, and is part of basic knowledge of astrology. When a planet A is transiting a house and there is planet B in another house, then depending upon the position of planet B the results of planet A become pierced or are shot down.

For example we know that Sun gives very good results when transiting the third house from Moon but at the same time if another planet is transiting the ninth house from Moon, Sun will be unable to give any results as the presence of a planet in the ninth house pierces the Sun.

Similarly if Moon transits the fifth house from Moon and there is a planet in the sixth house, the results of the transit of Moon in the fifth house will be nullified.

The exceptions to this rule are Sun, Saturn, Moon and Mercury. If Vedha to Sun is caused by Saturn or vice versa there is no Vedha. Same is the case with Moon and Mercury. In the case of a slow moving planets, a Vedh can last for a long time. In the case of Sade Sati this can be very helpful and must be kept in mind when predicting results.

To be continued.....

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