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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sade Sati, What It Is And How Much Damage Can It Do?

Final part of Sade Sati article ......

Shani Charan Vichar – Consideration of Saturn’s feet.

Transit of Saturn from one house to the next is a momentous affair. Shani Charan Vichar seeks to decipher the results. As always, we shall consider the transit of Saturn from natal Moon.
If on the day of transit, Saturn comes to a house where he is in the first, sixth or eleventh house from Moon, he is considered to have feet of gold.
In second, fifth and ninth houses, Saturn enjoys the feet of silver.
In the third, seventh and tenth houses his feet are of copper.
In the fourth, eighth and twelfth houses he has feet of iron.
For example Saturn has transited to Virgo on September 09, 2009. Keeping this in mind, the twelve Lunar signs will get different 'Paya' or feet of Saturn.
For Aries, Saturn will fall in the sixth house, so For Aries Saturn will have the 'Paya' of gold for the next 30 months. The results for gold feet are adverse and are given as domestic turmoil, strained relations with extended family and losses in profession. Health also suffers.
For Taurus, Saturn will fall in the fifth house so his 'Paya' will be of Silver. The results for silver feet are favorable and Taurus people will enjoy gains from real estate deals, favors from well placed people in the government and happy times in the company of friends and relations.
For Gemini, Saturn occupies the fourth house and his 'Paya' will be of iron. Gemini born will therefore experience problems created by opponents, ill health to spouse, financial setbacks and fruitless journeys.
For cancer since Saturn falls in the third house, the 'Paya' will be of copper. They will receive favorable news, success in pet projects, gain in status and comfortable finances. We can thus delineate results for all twelve houses.

Shani Charan Vichar
Transit position


1st, 6th, 11th from Janma Chandra
Strained relations with extended family, financial drain, false accusations.
2nd, 5th,  9th from Janma Chandra
Gains of/from real estate, smooth relations with extended family, gains from government.
3rd, 7th, 10th from Janma Chandra
Receipt of happy news, success in all spheres, gains from government, financial prosperity.
4th, 8th, 12th from Janma Chandra
Domestic troubles and unhappiness, Losses in business and profession, unsound health and strained relations with relatives. Enemies create troubles.

When deciphering the results of Saturn’s transit, it is important to modify the good or bad results in the light of results given by 'Paya' consideration. This will add to accuracy of predictions.

Above is a table summing up all results.

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