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Monday, October 19, 2009

Sade Sati, What It Is And How Much Damage Can It Do?

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We have discovered so far that Sade Sati indeed has the potential to cause problems, but whether that happens or not depends upon a number of other factors. We have seen that certain Rashis (signs) suffer less than the others due to Nakshatra effects. If Saturn gets a high Ashtak Varga strength, then too the adverse results are kept in check. A Vedha to Saturn also nullifies his bad results. Some lucky individuals will have all these factors working for them and will breeze through Sade Sati. It is certain that for some people all the factors mentioned above will go against them and they will suffer the most. Others will experience varying results.

It is seen that people with exalted Saturn are some how protected to a great extent from adverse transits of Saturn including fifth and 8th house transit. Those born with Venus and Saturn ruled ascendants and Rashis also experience reduced effects.

Who is currently experiencing Sade Sati?

Those born with Moon in Libra are in the beginning of their Sade Sati, and have a full compliment of seven and a half years to go. People born with Moon in Virgo are in the middle, and have to wait five years for it to end. Those with Moon in Cancer are free of this transit and their Sade Sati is over. They can look forward to a happy and prosperous period for next two and a half years.

What are the remedies?

Ancient Rishis have left us a long list of measures that can be adopted to reduce the adverse results of Saturn's transits. Here is short list.
Daily recitation of Pipplad Uvaach (sayings of Rishi Pipplad) is a potent remedy.

Pipplaad Uvaach

नमस्ते कोण संस्थाय पिङ्गलाय नमोस्तुते l
नमस्ते बभ्रु रूपाय कृष्णाय च नमोस्तुते ll


नमस्ते रौद्र देहाय नमस्ते चान्तकाय च l
नमस्ते यम संज्ञाय नमस्ते शौरये विभो ll



नमस्ते मन्द संज्ञाय शनैश्चर नमोस्तुते l
प्रसादं कुरु देवेश दीनस्य प्रणतस्य च ll



Chanting of Saturn Mantra 10, 28 or 108 times (depending upon one's convenience) is very beneficial. Saturn Mantra is "OM PRAAM PREEM PROM SAHA SHANAISH CHARAYE NAMAHA" 108 chants are definitely better than 10 or 28.
Fasting on Saturdays is another sure way of escaping Saturn's adverse transits. One should eat only one meal of sweetened wheat porridge. Salt in any form is prohibited.

Offering of milk to Lord Shiva on a Shiv Ling every Monday morning reduces the adverse results of Saturn.
Regular visit to a Hanuman temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays is another easy and effective way.
Recitation of Sunder Kand every Saturday and Tuesday keeps prosperity flowing even during bad transits.
A ring made from a horseshoe removed from the right front foot of a black horse is a potent shield against Sade Sati. If this is not possible, a ring made from a nail removed from the bottom of a boat can also be used. Boat should be in use and not discarded.
Burying a cupful of boiled black lentil to which sugar has been added in a shallow pit is very helpful. This should be done in an area where people won't walk over it.
If Black lentil are not available, honey can be used instead.

These measures may seem bizarre to the modern and material humans but they are rooted in sound physics laws. Each of these measures harnesses a segment of the energy surrounding us and uses it to throw a protective shield around us. Proof of the pudding is in it's eating and any judgment about the efficacy of these measures should be reserved until after their adoption and strict adherence. It usually takes about five weeks for the energy to build up. In forty days one can feel the changes in a tangible form.

Sade Sati is not about doom and gloom. It gives positive results as well. Gain of real estate and expansion of business takes place during this period. A lot depends upon the Dasha and Bhukti (major and sub periods) running in the chart.
Rajiv Sethi

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