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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sade Sati, What It Is And How Much Damage Can It Do?

Most people who have some knowledge of Vedic astrology, or have had a reading done by a Vedic astrologer have heard about Sade Sati. It literally translates to English as seven and a half.
Saturn takes two and a half years to travel through a sign. Sade Sati thus refers to his transit through three signs, falling in the twelfth, the ascendant and the second from Moon. This 2.5+2.5+2.5 or seven and a half years period is usually a momentous period in the life of a person and we shall presently see why? We shall however first go through some astrology rules.

Some ground rules of Vedic astrology

Saturn influences the third, the seventh and the tenth house from where he sits in a horoscope. For example if he is placed in the twelfth house, his influence will fall on the second, the sixth and the ninth houses. This influence is termed as an ‘Aspect’
Saturn is a separatist planet and tends to separate a person from the results of the house where he sits. The same is true of the planet he gets associated with. In addition to this his aspects on a house or a house lord signal his virtual presence there.
The house which falls in the eighth from Saturn suffers degrading of its results and becomes weak. For example, if Saturn is placed in the ascendant, the eight house of longevity suffers.
This rule extends to the aspects of Saturn as well. Houses falling eighth from his aspects will also suffer. Let us see how. Consider a case where Saturn is placed in the ascendant. His aspect will fall on the third, the seventh and the tenth house. The houses falling in the eighth from these three houses will lose their power. Thus the tenth, the second and the fifth houses will experience weakness.

It is now easy to see how widespread the effect of Saturn is. At any given moment Saturn influences the house he sits in, the house falling eighth from his placement, the three houses he aspects and the three houses falling eighth from these aspected houses. A total of eight house are thus under his domain at any given time. These results need not be all bad. Some good results will also materialize. It is not for nothing that Saturn is called the planet of judgment.

As Saturn moves around the zodiac these eight houses keep changing. The net results of Saturn’s transit through one house are an aggregate of the individual results of these eight houses.

The transit results of planets in the Vedic astrology system are always taken from Lunar ascendant. What it means in simple terms is, that the house where moon is placed is taken as the ascendant, and the rest of the houses and the planets that are placed in these houses are arranged around it. There are many potent reasons for this arrangement but that is in the realm of a separate article.

At present Saturn is transiting Virgo. Let us consider the case of a person who has Moon in Libra. For this horoscope Saturn is passing through the 12th house from Moon and his Sade Sati has begun. Saturn is now aspecting the second house of wealth, and will separate or disconnect the person from his wealth. This will happen because unexpected expenses hit him out of the blue and make him spend beyond his means. The person will dip into his savings or max out his credit card in the next thirty months.

The seventh hose aspect of Saturn will fall on the sixth house and will help him to overpower his opponents.

The tenth house aspect falls on the ninth house of good fortune and will cause an adverse run of luck. This house deals with spirituality and there will be a distinct move away from it. Finally there will be a rift in relationship with father because the ninth house also represents the male parent.
To be continued…

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