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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Results of twelve ascendents - Libra and Scorpio

This is one of the best ascendants to be born in as Saturn who is otherwise a strong malefic becomes a Yog-Karak and hence very favorable.

Libra is owned by Venus and this is her Mool-Trikon Rashi (prime sign). People born in this sign are therefore good looking and have a fair complexion. They have a sunny nature and a peaceful smiling face. People are easily attracted to them.

They are law abiding, justice loving persons who walk the straight and narrow path. They are sophisticated, and make friends easily. Beauty attracts them strongly and they have abiding interest in fine arts, music, painting and acting. Music affects them profoundly. They find it easy to attract the opposite sex and have many relationships. They are alert, logical and intelligent and get many chances to travel abroad.They maintain a high standard of living and lead a life of comforts and luxuries.

Moon owns the tenth house for Libra and so rules over their profession and status. If Moon and Venus are conjunct they rises well in life. This combination gives a creative mind and fertile imagination. Such individuals do their job with great passion and devotion but there is a down side to this, they can change their goals and leave their projects half finished.

Saturn rules over the fourth and fifth house and if strong, elevates Libra born to great heights.

Mars rules over the house of wealth, domestic happiness and marriage. A strong Mars proves to be a great asset.

Diamond and Blue Sapphire are their main gemstones. Worn together they pack a punch and are of tremendous help to them.

25th, 27th, 32nd, 33rd, 35th, and 47th years are lucky.

They are tall and handsome people with a well developed body. Eyebrows are bushy and hair curly. They have a wide forehead and their eyes are set wide.

Scorpio born are often sarcastic and impulsive. A female born in this sign usually shows masculine nature. They are very interested in occult sciences and possess a subtle mind very hard to influence. They are good conversationalists but may rely too much on their ingenuity and intelligence. They do not tolerate any opposition to their plans and can become quite aggressive in such situations.

They are generous, changeable and fickle minded people who simply love excitement. Sex is a very important part of their life and they show this tendency when quite young. The interesting thing is that they never hesitate to advise others on the virtues of celibacy. They make good writers and correspondents.

Scorpio born can be brutal, brusque and a keen competitor. They possess abundant enterprise. They appreciate luxury but are frugal by nature. They have a special attraction for music and can become an expert musician if they choose to learn the art. They can also be proficient in dancing, painting etc.

They have independent views and uphold these vigorously. Their constitution is hot and bilious. Consequently they may suffer from hemorrhoids.

Jupiter owns the second and fifth house and if strong, brings a lot of money through speculation and windfall.

For men, a strong Venus brings about liaison with beautiful women and also gives a beautiful wife.

Scorpios benefit from wearing a red Coral in a silver ring. Topaz in a gold ring helps them professionally and financially.
The lucky years are 24th, 28th, 32nd, 36th, 44th.

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