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Monday, October 5, 2009

Results Of Twelve Ascendants - Part I

I give below the results of twelve ascendants. An ascendant is the zodiac sign rising in the east at the time of birth of an individual. It is not the sign connected to your date of birth. To find out your ascendant send your birth details at or through my website

This is the first of the twelve signs and is ruled by fiery planet Mars. Mars is a compact planet so these individuals are not very tall. This can be changed if Jupiter, Saturn or Mercury influence the ascendant a great deal.

If Mars is well placed and connected to beneficial planets like Jupiter, Venus and full Moon, the person has a changeable and aggressive nature, however he is alert, courageous and ambitious.

Aries people are recognized easily by their quick intelligence, ready wit, hard working nature and independent views. Their memory is strong and demeanor is enthusiastic and blunt. They simply love adventure.

They are generally successful as they have all the qualities that are essential to become wealthy and successful. However, since they are blunt and undiplomatic, their relations with extended family are generally not very warm.

Aries born may be changeable and quick tempered but they are not scheming people.
Mars rules over real estate and commerce and Aries born usually do well in these areas. The progress is not smooth though and success comes after complications and delays.

Mars rules over bile and there is usually an excess of it in Aries born. They may suffer from migraine, headaches, blood disorders, eye and skin problems.

Coral becomes their birth stone and proves very beneficial. Ruby and Topaz also play important roles and should be worn next to skin.
16th, 22nd, 28th, 32nd and 36th years of life prove lucky.

It is the second sign of the zodiac and ruled by the beautiful planet Venus. If Venus is strong and well placed, she makes Taurus born very attractive. They have beautiful, large and sparkling eyes and a gorgeous body. Strong Venus also gives an attractive glow to their skin.

Taurus born are usually magnanimous, hardworking, cheerful and mild natured. They are also impressive. They are very hardworking and can work diligently for extended periods to attain a comfortable life and social recognition.

Taurus people are admired for their sophistication and charming speech. They love arts, music and literature, and can become great dancers. Their work place and homes are well appointed and give an indication of their love of beauty.

Taurus born usually like to do their own bidding and so are happiest when working for themselves. They usually become quite successful and wealthy, and attain their main goal of attaining beauty and luxury.

There is always a keen desire to unite with the opposite sex and they are quite successful in this too. Since the second sign of Venus falls in the sixth house, Taurus born are attracted to people of opposite sex from foreign cultures. It is for this same reason that they have a deep love for pets (usually canines). With Saturn placed in the sixth a Taurus born will have several dogs.

If Moon and Mercury are strong, a Taurus born will make remarkable progress in commerce, mathematics, acting, apparel business and trading.
Diamond becomes their birth stone but they will benefit tremendously by wearing a sapphire and diamond together.

28th, 36, 42nd and 48th years are favorable.

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