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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Results of twelve ascendants - Gemini and Cancer

I give below the results of twelve ascendants. An ascendant is the zodiac sign rising in the east at the time of birth of an individual. It is not the sign connected to your date of birth. To find out your ascendant send your birth details at

This third sign of the zodiac is ruled by Mercury, and this is reflected in the personality of the Gemini born. They are usually tall, fair complexioned and youthful looking people with darting eyes.
Gemini born do not display resoluteness of mind. They change their views and goals with changing situations. The positive side of this trait is their adaptability, the negative may be marked by aimless wanderings. One thing is certain though, they have a razor sharp mind and in any discussion are miles ahead of their opponents. It is for this reason that they do admirably well in all intellectual professions like law, banking, accounts, writing, teaching, traveling etc. They are original thinkers and capable of coming up with ideas that border on genius.

They are ethical and make loyal friends.
Gemini born are strong hearted but have a mild nature. For this reason they are often considered weak and not taken seriously.
For Gemini females, Jupiter becomes a very important planet as he represents the husband both as the lord of the seventh house and also as his significator. Any malefic planets influence on Jupiter is very telling on the husband. Jupiter also owns the tenth house so weakness of Jupiter also reflects on affluence and social status. For males, a strong Jupiter gives favors from government and an adventurous, free spending, independent minded but spiritually inclined wife.
Emerald becomes their birth stone and helps them in every possible way. Their second most important gemstone is Diamond. An emerald and diamond worn together in the same ring will work very well. They should shun Sapphire. Coral is like a poisoned arrow for them.
22nd, 32nd, 35th and 42nd are lucky years.

The fourth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Moon. For this reason, Cancer born have a middle size body, full face, slightly snub nose, fair complexion, long arms, long face and well developed chest area.
They are sensitive people and are immediately affected by the vibrations of a place. They are highly psychic and can sense things before they happen.
If ascendant lord Moon and Mars are strong, they become wise, sensitive, emotional, truth loving and altruistic. All cancer born love natural beauty, fine arts, music and literature. Proximity to sea, lakes and other water bodies affects them profoundly. A barefoot walk on the sea shore on a full Moon night can induce them to come out with an original song or romantic poetry.
Since Moon is the fastest moving heavenly body, all cancer born display a changeable nature, it is for this reason that they are successful in professions that are connected to frequent changes. They do well in professions like share market, dairy, breweries etc. They can also become successful as writers of fiction as their imagination flows freely with advancing story.
Mars rules over the fifth and tenth house and gives them a strong executive ability. Cancer born are therefore adept at getting the job in hand done to everyone’s satisfaction. They are persistent and usually accomplish what they set out to do.
If Moon is weak or aspected by planets like Rahu and Saturn, they become overly sensitive and may suffer from mild depression and paranoia.
The seventh house from this ascendant is ruled by Saturn. It is for this reason that their relationships are generally unsatisfactory.
A large white spherical pearl in a silver ring works wonders for them. A coral set in a silver ring is instrumental in promoting their prosperity, happiness and social status.
Successful years are 24th, 25th, 28th, 32nd, 36th and 40th.

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