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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Results of 12 ascendants – Leo and Virgo

I give below the results of twelve ascendants. An ascendant is the zodiac sign rising in the east at the time of birth of an individual. It is not the sign connected to your date of birth. To find out your ascendant send your birth details at


Leo is ruled by Sun, who is the lord of our solar system. Leo born have an attractive body and a prominent forehead. Their personality is grand and impressive. They look and behave like aristocrats. They are intelligent and hardworking people and assume leadership role easily. Fearlessness and courage mark their personality. Mentally they are balanced and tend to walk the middle path. They are however ambitious and aspire for top rungs of society. Leo born like to travel and have a keen eye for good food and drink. They can lose temper quickly but possess the knack of salvaging the situation by their mental agility.
They ignore the petty and the ordinary and always focus on big issues. This happens because they have a lofty ambition and the required self confidence to tackle big projects successfully. They can pick up a small business, nurture it, and make it really successful.
Relations with siblings are not very smooth.
Leo born live a life of luxury and often spend beyond their means. This however does not bother them too much because they instinctively know that they will eventually come out on top. Pomp and fanfare is the breath of life to them.
Red ruby is their birthstone and protects them from all harm. Yellow Topaz and Red coral are their other lucky Gem stones.
16th, 22nd , 24th , 26th , 28th and 32nd years are lucky for them.

Virgo born have medium height, attractive eyes, rather longish nose and a soft body. They are soft spoken, shy, laid back and practical. They are imaginative, sensitive and possess a keen intellect. They observe the minute things around them and nothing escapes their scrutiny. This coupled with their practical and orderly mind make them great researchers and scientists. They have a retentive memory and are studious by nature. There is a special attraction to music and poetry.
They like peace and quiet surroundings. Bars and discotheques are generally not on their social agenda. They are adaptable and can thrive even in adverse conditions. They tend to multitask and can take up several projects simultaneously. They love to travel and can become a successful tour operator and travel writer.
Virgo is a dual sign and so their aspirations and goals keep changing. They choose knowledge over money most times. They are frugal and do not spend needlessly.
Their stomach and digestion are sensitive and they know it. Regular exercise and diet with a good amount of fiber works very well for them. Influence of Saturn on ascendant causes wind related issues and hyper acidity.
Venus owns the second house of money. Should Mercury and Venus become conjunct, Virgo born can become quite successful. Their chosen fields are teaching, writing, scientific research etc. They can also become successful traders.
Emerald is their birthstone and keeps their health and mental faculties at their peak. They benefit greatly from a diamond as well.
25th, 32nd, 35th, 36th, and 42nd years are lucky.

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