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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The result of planetary movements for twelve signs for the month of October 2009.

I give below the general predictions for twelve signs. These are the signs where Moon was at the time of birth. These are not the Sun signs of western astrology. In case you do not know your Moon sign, please send your date, place and time of birth to rajset@indian-vedic or send the details through my website
The lord of this sign Mars is aspected by retrograde Jupiter and this assures that finances are available despite obstacles and delays. You might gain access to a person of status who is willing to help. Happy news from extended family is likely. Towards the month end however, there may be arguments with siblings. Expenses will go north in the last week.
Money is available despite delays. You make some progress until the tenth when Venus moves to Virgo and becomes debilitated. Rest of the month involves increased workload and unnecessary movement. Personal happiness is at a premium throughout.
Expenses exceed income but things improve after the first week. You make professional progress. Trade and commerce related people do rather well. Sudden expenses make you tense after 19th. It is a good idea throughout not to make any enemies.
Only moderate gains of money are likely. Lots of running around with very little progress to show for it makes the backdrop for this month. Mars moves to Cancer on the fifth and this causes tension and anger to build up. This has the potential to further throw a spanner in an already slow running machinery. Jupiter’s aspect on Mars causes mind to dwell on spiritual and chartable causes.
Business and profession are helped by people in high places. Situation at home is happy. A birthday or anniversary celebration is a source of quality time with friends and relatives. Lord of Leo Sun enters his debilitation sign Libra on 17th and triggers anger and frustration to build up.
Mercury transits Leo until fifth and then enters Virgo his exaltation sign. First week is likely to cause unnecessary expenses. Second week onwards things improve a great deal. A foreign or a long trip is likely. Matters related to distant places and people make satisfactory progress.
Success comes only after a great deal of focused effort. Finances and personal comforts increase this month. People from abroad will be helpful. Your Sade-Sati or seven and a half year transit of Saturn began last month and causes sudden, unwanted expenditure. Money is also spent on a happy occasion.
Mars transits the eighth house and indicates a looming health issue. Vitality is likely to be low. Refrain from partnerships as losses are possible. Mental tension, strained relations will near relatives and tight finances are indicated this month.
The first two weeks bring in money and give a push to some stalled projects. Mars and Ketu both occupy the eighth house so expect health issues to develop. This combination also brings about reduced earning and increased expenses in the second fortnight of the month.
A very mixed month. Profession keeps you busy and opportunities for growth line up. However due to problems at home, you may fail to take full advantage of this. A pleasant meeting with a long lost loved one is likely. Despite expenses being more than income, a stalled project comes to a completion, The second fortnight is bad for health. Chronic patients need to be extra cautious.
Also a mixed month, with almost the same set of issues as for Capricorn. The last week is bad for domestic peace. Finances are unstable and add to your worries.
Stalled projects move forward. Your status and fame increases. There is happiness at home and a possible purchase of a vehicle. Real estate is also highlighted. You make distinct progress despite obstacles. Take good care of your health. 

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Rajiv Sethi

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