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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prashna Shastra - Horary astrology Part - I

Vedic astrology has three branches to make predictions about personal life of people, about choosing the best time for doing things and to find answers for questions that pop up in people’s mind. These are called Jatak, Muhurta and Prashna. 

Prashna is unique because unlike in the first two systems mentioned above, in Prashna it is the astrologer who records the time and place of the question.

What is a horary horoscope?
Let us say that you have a question in mind and you visit an astrologer to get some answers. He notes down the time when the question is asked and makes a horoscope based on it. This chart is called a horary chart and predictions based on it are pertinent only to the question asked by you. If you asked about your financial prospects, it will predict it accurately. It however can not be used to answer question about your love life and relationships.
It is truly amazing how accurately this chart works. It reads the mind of the person asking the question.
This wonderful system of prediction has some limitations as well. It can answer questions only for a period of next twelve months. It can not be used to make long term predictions.
Another limitation is its inability to predict if the same question is asked repeatedly. For example, if some one asks me if he is likely to win a lottery and the answer comes out in the negative, asking this question again after some time from the same or different astrologer will not give correct answer. It is takes for granted that I did my job correctly the first time.

Does it have any logic?
The logic behind a horary chart is the same as for Vedic astrology itself. One’s thinking is closely influenced by the planetary movement in the zodiac. Events are only seemingly random and they always fall in a pattern. The twelve houses in a Vedic astrology chart represent all the facets of human existence. By selecting the house to which the question is linked to, we can find the planet which has the most intimate bearing on it.
The ascendant always represents the person who asks the question. All that is left then is to examine the relationship between the lord of the ascendant and the planet which is linked to the question. The rules for this examination are very precise and well laid down. That does away with any randomness.

The time of question
We saw above that a horary chart is raised for the time of asking question. Let us take a case where the question is of a highly personal nature and can not be asked privately in the first meeting with the astrologer. The questioner makes a second visit after a while and this time around is able to ask it. The time when the actual question is asked is the correct time.
This is true of a question asked over the phone as well.
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