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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prashna Shastra - Horary astrology Part - II

continuation of the previous Blog....

The time of asking question is the most important information in constructing a chart and for this purpose one has to be extra careful in determining it. For all practical purposes, the time at which a question is communicated to the astrologer is the right time for our purpose. A question asked is just like a baby delivered. Let us take a case where a client thinks of a question at 12 AM on a Friday night, but is able to convey it to an astrologer only at 9 AM Monday morning. The effective time of this question is thus 9 AM and not 12 AM.

A relevant analogy would be of a pregnant woman who reports to a maternity ward for delivery but has to wait because she is not yet ready. The delivery takes place after a few hours, and the time at which the umbilical cord is severed becomes the time of birth of the baby regardless of when she first visited the hospital.

We humans are curious people and our thought processes are always throwing new questions at us. Some of these questions may be innocuous and bland but some may be really important. Consider the case of a country being invaded by another. It is of paramount importance to find out the outcome of the war. Well being of a large number of people depends upon it. Horary astrology was therefore initially supported by kings who could afford to employ a competent astrologer to advise them about a number of policy decisions. This is one of the interesting facts of ancient India, the political policy was always influenced by what the horoscope of the country and the king was revealing.

It is not exactly clear who first applied the laws of Vedic astrology to ascertain answers to questions popping up in the mind of Kings and emperors. There are references to it in the famous epic Mahabharat. We know for certain that comprehensive literary works on the subject have appeared from that time onwards.

There is a section of western astrologers who believe that it was brought to India by the Greeks and Babylonians. They need to study the works of Varaha Mihir before making such outrageous comments. Intellectual arrogance should be grounded in facts and not in make believe scenarios. Horary astrology predates the Tajik or Greek system by a few thousand years. Works of Sage Parashar and Garg are the pillar of Hindu astrology, and both date back at least 5500 years if not more.

The range and scope of Prashna or Horary astrology

There is no sphere of human thought which remains untouched by Prashna. It effortlessly answers all questions pertaining to self, wealth, siblings, real estate, children, enemies, disease and debts. It also precise answers to queries about marriage, relationships, parents, profession, financial gains and foreign travel. In short its major limitation is its range which is limited to the next twelve months from the time the question is asked. The other limitation as mentioned above is its ability to answer only one well defined question.

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