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Friday, October 30, 2009

Medical astrology – How Vedic astrology connects to medicine? Part II

Continuation of the previous Blog……

We saw in our last Blog that increasing affliction to a Rashi (sign), house and house lord, causes increasing risk of injury to the body part indicated by that combination. If many factors in a chart pointing to an organ are under stress, it is a certainty that it will be injured. If in a horoscope, the ninth house and its lord are afflicted by more than one malefic, it is a certainty that the thigh bone or Femur will be injured. In addition to this if Sagittarius and Jupiter are also afflicted, it is guaranteed that there will be a severe trauma to the Femur itself or to the two joints it connects to – the hip and the knee.

This concept is open ended and can be extended to any body part. If the 11th house and its lord are afflicted and at the same time, sign Aquarius and Saturn are also distressed, damage to the auditory organs and loss of hearing is certain to occur.

In a female horoscope, the fifth house represents the children and child bearing capacity. By extension it represents uterus and the reproductive system. If the fifth house and its lord are afflicted and Leo and sun are also connected to planets like Mars and Saturn, natural delivery of a child becomes suspect. A strong Mars aspecting the fifth house/lord is seen to cause complications during child birth. Medical intervention becomes a must in such cases. If the affliction is caused by Saturn and Rahu, there are undiagnosed causes for infertility and self abortion.

The use of Sudarshan Chakra method

We have seen so far the genesis of disease in a horoscope. If the planetary placements indicating a disease occur in the Moon and Sun chart as well, the event will take place with even greater vehemence. The simplest example of this is a chart in which sun and Moon are placed together in Lagna. What ever happens in the life of such a person, will happen with full force. The good and bad will come to pass with full intensity.
The example of sun and Moon both occupying Lagna is a basic one. In real life one needs to examine the sun and Moon charts separately and see if the indications of an event in the birth chart are echoing in these two as well.

The correlation between Lagna and disease

Lagna in Vedic astrology is the most important part of the horoscope as it represents the body. Without body we are just an electromagnetic entity with successive layers of soul, causal and astral bodies (please refer to Blog Happiness through Yoga- Sep 20) It is the flesh and bones body which makes us humans and allow us to perform Karma. Lagna thus embodies our whole being.
When ever a planet is placed in a Lagna, he becomes an effective representative of whatever he is significator of. If that appears to be a mouthful, let us digest it piecemeal in the next Blog.

Continued tomorrow ……..

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