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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Medical astrology – How Vedic astrology connects to medicine? Part I

Vedic astrology assigns the twelve signs to successively represent all parts of human body. Starting from Aries, the first sign represents head. Taurus the second sign represents face, Gemini the shoulders and lungs. Cancer the fourth sign stands for the chest and so on. Here is a complete list.

Aries: Head, Taurus: Face, Gemini: Lungs, Cancer: Chest, Leo: Stomach and heart, Virgo: Intestines and kidneys, Libra: reproductive system, Scorpio: Scrotum and testicles, Sagittarius: Hips, Capricorn: Knees, Aquarius: lower legs and Pisces: Feet.

For Taurus Lagna, things will become some what different. Now the houses and the Rashi are different so one will have to be careful in deciphering the results. The results of the house, the Rashi and the Rashi lord will all have to be merged together.

The signs of Zodiac are termed as Rashi in Sanskrit and this is the term we shall use henceforth. If a Rashi and its lord (Ruling planet) are afflicted, the body part corresponding to it will develop problems. Let us define affliction in some detail before we proceed further. Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are natural malefic planets and when ever these combine with a Rashi or Rashi lord there is a problem generated. In addition to this, the lords of the sixth, eighth and 11th houses also cause negative results. This is called affliction. There may be some cases where only the Rashi is afflicted. In other instances, both Rashi and its lord may be afflicted in which case it becomes more serious. A still worse scenario is where the affliction is caused by a number of malefics.

Let us understand it through an example. Think of an imaginary horoscope with Gemini Lagna (ascendant) and Rashi Lord Mercury placed in the 8th house. Saturn is placed in the sixth house in Scorpio, while Mars is in the Ascendant. Mars afflicts the ascendant as well as Mercury through his 8th house aspect. Saturn also aspects Mercury with his 3rd house aspect from the sixth house. Mercury is thus in a bad shape. He and his Rashi are both afflicted by two prime malefic planets while he himself is placed in the 8th house. In this case there will be severe health problems connected to body parts ruled by Mercury. Lungs and intestines both become prone to complications.

The Lagna rules over the head so Mercury as the Lagna Lord wears more than one hat and represents the head as well. Mars is the planet of injury so it is certain that there will be a trauma to the head. Since Lagna represents the early part of one’s life, the injury will take place in infancy or early childhood.

Similarly if the second house and the second lord are both afflicted the injury will be to the face and neck. This scheme can be further extended to all houses.

To be continued…..

Rajiv Sethi

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