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Thursday, October 1, 2009

How To Delete Poverty, Misery and Sickness From The File Of Our Life. Part IV.

Like anything else, the business of attracting wealth needs careful preparation. This is required to help us focus on our goal and have enough energy so we don’t get tired halfway through the process. It is a good idea to switch to a vegetarian diet a week before the start date. Alcohol must be totally eliminated as it interferes with the mental energy. Celibacy though difficult, actually conserves our body energy and makes it available when needed. Celibacy goes beyond merely abstaining from sex, and involves dissociating the mind from the sexual imagery. This is done to calm the mind so it doesn’t dwell on the process of mating. Avoiding TV shows that have a rich sexual content is a good starting point. Anything erotic is an obstacle in the path of aspiring millionaire.

East and north are ideal directions for all mental processes. Human brain receives less interference from the energy field surrounding us when we sit facing either east or north. East is the direction of spirituality and brainwork. North is the direction of money. It is advantageous to sit facing either of these direction when chanting.

For the purpose of sleep also, one’s bed should be aligned in the north-south direction and the feet should point north. This induces sounder sleep as the magnetic meridian passes through the human body. A person sleeping in the east-west direction will have the magnetic field intersecting the body a right angle and cause interrupted sleep.

The place where we sit is called Asan and should be neither very high or very low. A very comfortable Asan can be made by folding a woolen blanket twice and sitting on it. Wool is important as it is a good insulator and prevents the energy generated by chanting from seeping into the earth.

Why are we not all wealthy, and why are some people wealthier than the rest of us?

The answer to this question is given very nicely by the Karma theory. This theory states that each and every action we perform generates a reaction. These reactions need not be instantaneous. They can occur over a long period of time. The sweet or bitter fruits of Karma generated by us are inexorably and relentlessly brought to us. It is not possible to escape them.

The second part of the theory says that although the human body has a temporary existence and dies after a finite time, the soul with in it is immortal and indestructible. It further says that the structure of the universe is more complex than it appears. There are two more bodies within our physical body. These are called astral body, and the causal body. Each nestles with in the other. Gross or physical body envelopes the astral body which in turn covers the causal body. The soul lives inside the causal body.

To be continued ……..

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