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Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Is November 2009 For You?

The delineations given below are general in nature and are based on your Moon sign. This is the sign where the Moon was at the time of your birth. It is called Rashi in Sanskrit. We shall use this term frequently in this article.
These predictions will not work for the sun sign based on the date and month of your birth. If you do not know your Rashi (moon sign), please send your birth details at

Mars and Ketu occupy the eighth house and  cause health problems. Chronic patients may face some aggravation of present ailments. This combination also causes a mismatch between expenses and income with the former outstripping the latter. Snags in smoothly running affairs are likely to dampen your spirits. Situation improves after seventeenth, and domestic happiness takes a turn for better. A welcome news from a far away place will give much encouragement.

Professional growth remains average. Money situation remains comfortable despite setbacks. You spend money on an expensive gadget or item of luxury. Some nagging worries connected to family keep you tense. Situation improves after the seventeenth and enough money remains available to keep you going.

Mars causes increased expenses and static income. Professional and personal complications keep you on edge. Chances of a financial gain are bright around the seventeenth. A chance encounter can become very interesting. Even otherwise your personal life is happy. Women get a raw deal compared to men. 

Rashi lord Jupiter is in fall and remains so until mid December. This gives diminished returns despite very hard work. Most of your time is spent in needless running around. Stomach and eye related complaints can cause discomfort. Expenditure soars but the silver lining is the timely help from a friend. 

Rajiv Sethi

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