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Friday, October 2, 2009

Commodities And Vedic Astrology

The fundamental principle of trading is to buy low and sell high. Any business that does not conform to this stands to lose money, and join the trash heap of failed businesses. Every thing on earth is ruled by one or more planets, and is represented by one or more Rashi or zodiac signs.
As planets move in their orbits and transit through the twelve signs, they significantly affect the prices of the commodities ruled over by them. For example, Sun rules over copper and wheat, Jupiter over gold, Moon over silver, Saturn over iron and crude oil. This is only indicative and is by no means a complete list.

In Vedic astrology, each sign of 30º is further subdivided into segments of 13º 20’. These segments are termed Nakshatra. Each sign therefore has two complete Nakshatra and a segment of 3º 20’ of the following Nakshatra.

For example the first sign Aries has complete Ashwini and Bharani Nakshatra and 3º 20’ segment of the third Nakshatra Krittika. The rest of the ten degrees of Krittika spill over into the next sign Taurus.

Nakshatra are important because when planets move from one Nakshatra to another they affect the prices of commodities they represent or rule over.

Let us trace the crests and troughs of the prices of commodities in October. Retrograde Jupiter enters Shravan Nakshatra on October third. He is debilitated here so the prices of commodities connected to him will be driven down. We can safely expect the prices of Raw and refined sugar, wheat, barley, gold and silver to fall.

On October fourth, Mercury moves to Virgo which is his exaltation sign. He joins Sun and Saturn who are already transiting Virgo. This will push up the prices of wheat, barley, chick peas, sugar, turmeric, cotton, silver, edible oils and soybean. Anyone who buys on third and sells on fourth will make profits.

Mars moves to his debilitation sign Cancer on the fifth and will join Ketu. Jupiter aspects the duo fully from Capricorn. Share prices edible oils and cotton prices will fall while sugar, gold, copper, rice prices will move north.

Saturn moves to Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra on the sixth October and this will destabilize cotton prices. Oils and wheat will move up.

On October 10, Sun advances to Chitra Nakshatra, and Venus enters Virgo. Thus Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all populating Virgo. Cotton, gold, silver, copper, crude oil, sugar (both raw and refined) lentil, wheat, chickpea, sesame seeds, coconut, saffron, camphor, rice and red chilly prices will all move north.

On October eleventh, Mars enters Pushya Nakshatra, and will cause fluctuations in the prices of cotton and silver. Gold prices will rise, and display special agility.
Mercury moves to Hasta Nakshatra on the twelfth and drives the prices of wheat and chick peas down.

Jupiter becomes direct on October 13 and cotton prices will fluctuate. The market will eventually close high. Silver, rice, mustard and sugar prices will rise.

Sun enters Libra on October 17 on a Saturday and becomes debilitated. Mars aspects Sun, wheat, barley, gold, copper, red chilly and cotton prices will rise. Cotton, silver and butter-oil prices will move south.

On October 20, Mercury moves to Chitra Nakshatra (Constellation) and will push up the prices of gold, silver, cotton, sugar, mustard and peanuts.

Sun enters Swati Nakshatra, on 23rd and cotton, spun cotton, silk, fine cloth, gold, silver and sugar prices will move up. Mustard, chilly prices will also rise.

Mercury joins Sun on 24th in Libra. This conjunction is aspected by Mars. As a consequence cotton, sugar, gold and silver prices will rise.

On October 28th Venus enters Chitra while Mercury enters Swati. Cotton, gold silver prices will be unstable. IT industry will show fluctuations as well.

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