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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wealth and prosperity Part II

This is the highly auspicious period of Navratra or nine nights. It is an annual event that occurs on the first Lunar date of the bright fortnight of Indian month Ashwin. This month roughly corresponds to the September-October period of Georgian calender. This period also marks the entry of Sun in the southern hemisphere of its path.

In Indian tradition this period is set aside for the worship of the female energy of the universe or the mother Goddess. We believe that the primal being emanates energy that condenses as matter and forms this visible universe. This manifestation of energy is called eternal mother - Adya Shakti - and is revered as Durga in Hindu mythology. Mother goddess destroys the negativity of the universe and keeps it pure.
Traditionally it is a period of fasting for eight days and feasting on the ninth. It is believed that any Mantra chanted during this period gives quick results. Whatever the Mantra and its aim, the success happens early.

Download from You Tube Shri Sookt and Maha Lakshmi Stotra. 

A prayer to Ganesh is mandatory before starting anything desirable. It removes all obstacles and speeds up the process of achieving the desired goal.

May we all achieve what we honestly seek.

Rajiv Sethi

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