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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wealth And Prosperity Chant Part I

Here is a powerful Mantra to generate wealth. It propitiates Kuber, who is the guardian of all the opulence available in the astral and physical worlds. In Hindu tradition, Kuber is the younger brother of Saturn and rules over North direction. He is the protector of the celestial wealth, and his blessings always bring in stupendous amounts of it.
Even if a horoscope has poverty producing Yog, this chant will reduce its impact. The mantra will bring wealth; it does not guarantee prosperity, which is a different concept. One thing is sure, if you are encountering financial challenges, the mantra will nullify these. The more you chant the better it becomes. Try it. Once it gets going you will be surprised how money keeps trickling in when you least expect it.
The grid 
Whichever direction the numerals in the grid are added the sum always comes to be 72. There is an energy field generated when numerals are stacked up in nine squares. This is called a Yantra. The Mantra associated with the Yantra when chanted repeatedly generates the same energy field and boosts its power. The universe, both visible and invisible is basically nothing but energy. When it condenses, it produces matter in different forms. By harnessing the right frequency, any desired object can be attracted or produced. This is a scientific fact and irrefutable. The fission reaction in a nuclear device is the opposite of this process. It uses up matter and converts it into energy.
The Chant
 Hreem and Kleem are Sanskrit words that describe the nurturing and enjoyment part of the universe. Shreem refers to its everlasting glory. This Mantra shows one sequence of these words that produces wealth. Another sequence like OM AEEM HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDA-YE VICH-CHE  generates unimaginable power for the devotee. Modern science has yet to catch up with these sublime ideas but it is getting there. The best results are produced when one immerses oneself in the chant and becomes one with it. At that point wealth follows him.
I wish you wealth and opulence! Happy Chanting

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  1. Very thoughtfull post on prosperity .It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Creating Power


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