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Monday, September 7, 2009

Vedic astrology and Great wealth Part - IV

Continuation of the previous blog.....

House aspected by its lord
When a planet aspects the house that it rules, he adds great strength to it. For example if the ascendant be Aries and its lord Mars is placed in the seventh house, he will aspect the ascendant and make it very strong. This will give physical strength, and make that person self confident. His self esteem will be high and he will have an aggressive personality. This is an important point and must be kept in sight off. Four or more planets aspecting their respective houses in a horoscope have the capacity to raise a person to great  

heights of wealth and status.
If the planets aspecting their houses are also placed in Kendra to each other, they add even more power to the chart. Yet another boost is given if this happens from birth, Moon and Sun charts. People with such horoscope are rare and bring hugely good Karma from past lives. No wonder they end up being extremely wealthy and powerful.
When any or more of the Ascendant, second, and ninth lords are exalted, and the planet of their exaltation sign is also exalted and placed happily in a chart, great wealth results. For example, for Libra ascendant, if Mars is exalted in the fourth house, and the lord of the fourth house Saturn is placed in Libra, great wealth will come to pass.

Special case of Ketu
Ketu is a Shadowy planet and gives the results of the house he is placed in or the planet he is associated with. Ketu has the unique capacity to exponentially increase the power of the planet with whom he is placed. For example, for Virgo ascendant, Venus placed in the second house with Ketu will give excellent results. Venus occupies his own house so the house of wealth becomes strong, a further measure of strength is given by Ketu's association with Venus.

Some other Yog for wealth
Parvat Yog
Benefic planets occupying Kendra houses and sixth and eighth houses constitute this yoga. If no planets occupy the sixth and eighth house, and benefics occupy Kendra houses then too this Yog is formed.

Ascendant and twelfth lord placed in Kendra houses (1,4,7,10) houses from each other also make this Yog.

If the lord of the house where ascendant lord is placed is exalted or in his own house and is placed in a Kendra or Trikon house, this Yog is formed.

As the name suggests, this makes a person strong, high and exalted and brings in much wealth. 

Vasumat Yog
If all benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and full Moon are placed in Upchaya houses from ascendant or the Moon, a person becomes very wealthy. Upchaya houses are 1,3,6,11

When would the wealth come
The wealth will flow in during the period or sub periods of any one of the planets combining to produce the wealth giving Yog.

Vedic chants for prosperity
If due to reasons connected to past life karma, one is confronted with precarious finances, the following chants will remove the problem from the root. Some more famous Stotra are given below.
Ganesh Dwadashnam Stotram
Shri Sookt,
Lakshmi Sookt
Daridrya Dahan Stotra

I would like to end with this very ancient, secular and universal prayer

     May we all be happy.
     May we all enjoy health and freedom from disease.
     May we all have prosperity and good luck.
     May none suffer or fall on evil days.

Rajiv Sethi

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