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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vedic astrology And Great Wealth part III

Concept of Yog

Yog in Sanskrit means addition or combination. When two planets unite their energies, their emerging results are different from their individual effects. This union of planets by conjunction or aspect is called Yog. Yog can be beneficial and prosperity producing in which case it is generally called a Raj Yog.

Vipreet Raj Yog

According to Maha Rishi Parashar, when the lords of the third, sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are weak and benefic planets do not occupy these houses, this wealth giving Yog is formed. The reason is simple. These houses and their planet lords represent scarcity, poverty, debts and expenditure. If these houses and the lords are weak, the negativity connected to these will be destroyed. Loss of poverty is wealth. This is based on negation of negatives and is appropriately called Vipreet Raj Yoga (Sanskrit for Raj Yoga formed by opposition)

Vipreet Raj Yog is important because it has great potential to bring wealth. If there are other Dhan Yog present, a person can become extremely wealthy. For example if along with a Vipreet Raj Yog there is also a combination of second, ninth and eleventh lords with all three planets strong and placed in second, ninth or eleventh house, the person will command stupendous wealth.

Concept of Uchha and Neech planets (exalted and debilitated)

All nine planets become powerful in one sign or another. They become powerless in the sign exactly opposite to that. When they are powerful by placement they are called Uchha (On top) or exalted. When they become powerless they are called Neech (fallen) or debilitated. For a planet in such a state the results connected to that planet will suffer. For example if the ascendant lord is placed Neech in the horoscope, all traits connected to ascendant will suffer. The health will be bad, self esteem will be low, self confidence will be wanting and generally that person will be unsuccessful.

Neech Bhang Raj Yog or Yog formed by cancellation of debilitation

There are certain conditions under which this debilitation is negated. This happens when the lord of the sign where a planet is debilitated is in a Kendra from ascendant or Moon. For example, Sun becomes debilitated in Libra and loses his capacity to give beneficial results. However if lord of Libra Venus is placed in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses from ascendant or Moon, Sun will regain his power to do good. Same thing happens if Venus is exalted in Pisces.

This fact needs to be set in stone and kept some where safe. Neech Bhang Raj Yog like Vipreet Raj Yog has tremendous capacity to lift a person from obscurity and put her on top of the heap.

Adhi Yog

When natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy the sixth, seventh or eighth house from ascendant, Moon or Sun, Adhi yoga is produced. The placement can be random and is independent of the order of planets.

These Adhi Yog too are highly capable of giving high quality wealth.

In the next blog, sources and timing of wealth.....

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