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Friday, September 4, 2009

Vedic Astrology and great wealth Part II

The planets that rule over the second and twelfth houses are neutral and give the results of the other house they own. For example for Aries ascendant, Venus becomes the lord of the second house but gives results pertaining to the other house she owns – the seventh. Similarly Jupiter owns the twelfth and the ninth house but will act as the lord of the ninth house only. If the second and the twelfth houses are owned by Sun or Moon - like Sun for cancer ascendant and Moon for Leo - their results will depend upon the house they are placed in and will be independent of their ownership of the second or the twelfth house.

Understanding this is involves some mental gymnastics for the beginner but has deep importance. Planets that rule over third, sixth and eleventh houses give unfavorable results even if they are benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus. The twelfth house from any house causes the decay of the house he is twelfth from. For example, the ascendant represents the body and the twelfth house from it is the house of Moksha (freedom from rebirth). 

 The ninth house symbolizes good fortune and the eighth house which is the twelfth house from it gives poverty. It is for this reason that eighth house is considered a bad house. 

Application of the above mentioned rules for twelve ascendants helps us define the planets which give most favorable results for each ascendant. Here is the list.

Aries: Sun, Mars and Jupiter 
Taurus: Mercury, Saturn 
Gemini: Mercury, Venus Cancer: Moon, Mars 
Leo: Sun, Mars Virgo: Mercury, Venus 
Libra: Mercury, Venus, Saturn 
Scorpio: Moon, Jupiter 
Sagittarius: Sun, Jupiter 
Capricorn: Venus, Saturn 
Aquarius: Venus, Saturn 
Pisces: Mars, Jupiter.
When these favorable planets for each ascendant associate with each other, they generate wealth. The degree of wealth is dependent upon their strength. 
The concept of value addition
The second house represents wealth in a horoscope. The lord of this house therefore symbolizes all things that have value in life. The eleventh house rules over financial gains so the lord of this house also represents valuable things. Now here is something really interesting, for two ascendants Leo and Aquarius the second and fourth houses are ruled by the same planet. For Leo it is Mercury and for Aquarius, Jupiter. It is for this reason that they become extremely important planets for these ascendants. They greatly increase the value of whichever house or house lord they associate with. If they are connected to the ascendant, the person will become very wealthy. If to the fourth house, mother will be wealthy and that person will have valuable house, cars and real estates. He will also be very happy. If these planets influence the seventh house and the seventh lord, the life partner will be a person of value – meaning wealthy and well placed in life. 
To be continued……. 
Rajiv Sethi

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