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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vedic Astrology and great wealth Part I

The mere thought of great wealth brings a gleam into the eyes of every one of us. Everyone wants it but few are blessed with it. In this blog which may run into two or more installments, we shall take a detailed look at what brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi into one’s life.

There may be readers here who think that hard work is the key to success. If that were so, the farmers from Africa to China and countries in between would be wealthy as they toil the most. They hardly eke out a living. Some might say that it is intelligence that makes one wealthy. Practical experience however doesn’t support this view. There are highly educated professors in the top notch business schools all over the world and they merely make their salaries. They are financially comfortable but not wealthy.
There is a third category of people who combine hard work with intelligence and they are generally more successful. A large number of small businesses, stock market traders and other professionals make sizable amounts of money. Stupendous wealth however seldom comes their way.
Maha Rishi Parashar – the father of Vedic astrology - has given the following pointers to ascertain the degree of wealth in a horoscope. There are twelve houses in a chart and the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are called Kendra (central) houses. These, as the name suggests are central to the delineation of a horoscope. The planets ruling over these houses become neutral and may or may not give good results. Their results are based on their ownership of the other house they own. In case either Sun or Moon rule these house, their results too become neutral.
The first, the fifth and the ninth house are called Trikon (triangle) houses. These are uniformly beneficial houses and their ruling planets will always give favorable results. The combination of two planets ruling a Kendra and Trikon will always give good results and bestow, wealth, status and happiness. The only condition is that they be strong. The first house or Lagna (ascendant) is included in Kendra as well as Trikon groups and so becomes a Kendra and a Trikon ruler simultaneously. If strong, he gives excellent results especially in connection to finances.
In tomorrow’s blog we continue with the discussion.

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