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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturn’s transit, President Barack Obama and The US. Part - I

According to Vedic Astrology calculations, Saturn moved to Virgo on 09.09.2009. Of the 12 houses that Saturn transits in his thirty year cycle, his passage through the fifth and the eighth house from the Moon is most vexing. In the fifth he causes financial losses and clouded judgment. In the eighth house he causes dishonor, losses, misfortunes, miseries, accidents and death

Interestingly Saturn is passing through the fifth house of President Obama and through the eighth house of the horoscope of United States. This has important consequences on the domestic and foreign policy of the US. The houses mentioned for this transit are taken from the Moon sign and we shall take it to be so in the rest of the article also.
In president Obama’ s chart, Saturn now begins to transit the fifth house from Moon, and creates a number of challenges when passing through this house. The first casualty is the emotional and intellectual state of the person. It leads to faulty planning which neither matures nor becomes successful. Mr. Obama will feel these results more potently as Saturn has no Ashtak Varga point in the fifth house from Moon in his chart. We can expect vacillation and mutations of ideas and policies. Domestic and foreign policy will be fuzzy, the idea being to make quick fixes. Long term planning will be put on the back burner. As Saturn advances into Virgo, the grasp of the president on public approval will become tenuous and he will try to regain it by promises and assurances he won’t be able to keep. This is not a reflection on his decency and honesty but helplessness in the face of inevitability.

The aspect of Saturn on the house of marriage creates challenges there and his married life passes through a rough time. This is also reinforced by the state of the seventh house of marriage in his birth chart. The first born of the president may experience indifferent health and emotionally difficult period.

From his placement in the 5th house, Saturn aspects the eleventh house of gain as well as the second house of wealth and so causes financial challenges. This is universal and the President will not escape unscathed. His personal fortunes may cause him worry.
Saturn transits through second, third and fourth Pada of Uttara Phalguni, all four Pada of Hasta and the first two Pada of Chitra Nakshatra (Constellation).

Uttara Phalguni is ruled by Sun, while Moon rules over Hasta and Mars over Chitra. None of these planets are friendly to Saturn. It will therefore be a bumpy ride.

The combined effect of Jupiter and Saturn falls on the sixth and ninth houses in Mr. Obama’ s birth chart. Both become energized and events connected to these are likely to occur.
There is a possibility of dissension with in the core group of supporters and  some changes might be made in the inner circle. Economy and foreign policy are not  likely to come under control. Saturn’s transit through the eighth house in US chart will interfere. Opposition to president’s policies will become more strident. Afghan policy will misfire. He should be extra careful about his safety between May 11, 2010 and October 31, 2011.

Between July 05 and November 05, 2010 there will be a distinct leaning towards charity and spiritual pursuits. He will start leaning towards his birth religion Islam.

Ashtak Varga: Is a system of mathematically assessing the strength of a planet by evaluating the support provide to it by the rest of the planets. 
In the next Blog, Saturn's transit and US. 
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  1. You are talking about all bad times in here...I guess this must be going for 7 years or so? How about the the good things?


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