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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturn’s transit, Barack Obama and The US Part - II

Continuation of part I...
In the chart of USA, Saturn transits the eighth house from Moon where he gets only two Ashtak Varga points. His results will be decidedly unfavorable. Eighth house in a nation’s horoscope rules over death rate, deaths from epidemics and disease, underground wealth, medical research, national mourning, disease control and health services. Saturn’s transit is likely to act as a trigger in activating related incidents.
The last transit of Saturn through the eighth house of US horoscope took place from November 04, 1979 to October 08, 1982. Let us take a close look at some main events that happened during this period.
The Iran Hostage Crisis 1979-1981
On November 4, 1979, Iranian militants stormed the United States Embassy in Tehran and took approximately seventy Americans captive. This terrorist act triggered the most profound crisis of the Carter presidency and began a personal ordeal for Jimmy Carter and the American people that lasted 444 days. Operation Eagle Claw was mounted on April 26, 1980, President Carter ordered the use of six US transport planes and eight helicopters in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue American hostages being held in Iran. Two helicopters collided and were destroyed resulting in many deaths.
Three-Mile Island Nuclear Plant
Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station is a civilian nuclear power plant located on Three Mile Island in the Susquehanna River, in Londonderry Township, Dauphin County, south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States. On March 29, 1979, the plant suffered a partial meltdown. According to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the accident resulted in no deaths or injuries to plant workers or members of nearby communities a contention which is disputed by some academics, journalists and local residents. The plant came perilously close to becoming a major threat to life and environment.
The Jonestown Tragedy 
914 people – all members of a cult - committed “revolutionary’ suicide by drinking cyanide laced punch. 
Afghanistan involvement
On July 03, 1979 President carter took first step in getting US involved in Afghanistan to aid the freedom struggle of Mujahideen against Russian occupation. It was during this transit on March 30, 1981 that there was an assignation attempt on President Ronald Reagan.
US was also involved in the invasion of Granada.The El Salvador and Libyan crisis also happened in the same time frame.
It is thus clear that the last transit of Saturn through the eighth house in US horoscope brought about unhappy situations.
This time around, losses in Afghanistan will go north forcing Obama to lower the number of boots on the ground in that country. Policy of buying out warlords to reduce terrorism will prove counterproductive. It’s ultimate beneficiary will be the terror machine so tantalizing close and yet so far! An epidemic is likely to cause loss of life. Deaths due to terrorism are not ruled out either. September 11, 2001 happened when Saturn was aspecting the eighth house. 
Saturn aspects the second house of national wealth from his placement in  the eighth - the financial crisis will linger on. Stock market and other indices of wealth remain lethargic. Use of public funds to bail out big business will prove a bad prescription. The current situation will really improve only when Saturn leaves Virgo after thirty months.
The houses energized by combined Jupiter and Saturn transit are the seventh and tenth. Seventh house deals with the foreign policy and the tenth with Statecraft. Both will witness energetic efforts which may not come to fruition. Governance and foreign policy will struggle against challenges thrown at it. Armed forces may be required in a place other than Afghanistan.
The president will be severely tested both as a man and as a leader. For the sake of peace let us pray that he emerges successful from this ordeal.

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