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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How To Delete Poverty, Misery and Sickness From The File Of Our Life. Part III

This book is about hundreds of ways which ancient realized masters have given us to become wealthy and prosperous. These are time tested over several thousand years. They work wonderfully well.

Sanskrit is a very precise language. Every word needs to be correctly pronounced. The cadence and rhythm of a verse is also important. Remember that we are producing vibrations and unwanted vibrations can delay results. For the convenience of the reader, every Mantra and Stotra given in this book will be available as a sound file from my website

When we are engaged in the process of manifesting prosperity through the use of pure energy, we are rising above the gross and the mundane towards sublime and profound. The more energy we have the better it will be. It is thus logical to have a second look at our energy reserves. Food is the basic source of our energy. Simple, nutritious and easily digestible food is very important as an energy source. Fruits, vegetables and grains are wholesome food and provide energy without straining the digestive system. Poultry and red meat should be avoided as the protein involved is very complex and body finds it hard to digest. The waste products of non-vegetarian diet are toxic to the body. That is why after a hearty dinner of red meat the morning breath is fouler the next day.

A diet consisting of steamed vegetables, cereals and fruit is best for the human body and cleanses the system as it makes its way through the digestive canal. Vegetarian diet is therefore a must when involved in manifesting prosperity. Alcohol fuddles the mind and blunts the keen edge of intelligence. It is for this reason absolutely prohibited during the process of producing wealth.

Sex is a very important part of our life. It keeps our mind and body healthy. It is a wonderful activity but it is very energy intensive. Medical science tells that we spend large resources of energy to enjoy it. It is therefore a good idea to abstain from it during our manifestation of prosperity. Celibacy of forty days actually improves our stamina and performance when we resume normal life.

In the east and especially in India, certain orders of monks take a vow of celibacy for life, and adhere to it. After twelve years of mental and Karmic discipline the Medha Nadi awakens in their body and gives them a wonderfully enhanced capacity to assimilate and perfectly recall copious amount of knowledge. This is how Vedic knowledge has been handed down through the ages in India.

These then are the basic requirements to start our journey towards wealth, power and prosperity.

In the next chapter we will take our first step towards a prosperous future.

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. excellent blog post. i am not sure if you are open to suggestions, and i hope i don't offend you, but when writing such a large post, i think it would be easier to read if you put spaces between the paragraphs. otherwise, you could indent the paragraphs to break it up a little so it's easier on the eyes. i love the positivity in your posts and look forward to reading more soon!


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