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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Delete Poverty, Misery and Sickness From The File Of Our Life. Part I I

Continued from part 1 .......

Wealth, prosperity, a healthy body, good looks, good intellect and everything desirable are the fruits of good karma performed in the past. Wealth and prosperity thus boil down to augmenting the good karma and minimizing the bad to keep ahead of the curve. The Hindu way of prosperity generation tweaks karma through Chants, Mantras, Stotra, Yajna and Yantras.

The world that we live in and the universe that surrounds us on all sides are made of matter. Modern science tells us that matter is made of molecules, which in turn are made from atoms. Atoms are not the smallest entities known to man. There are a number of finer particles like protons, electrons and neutrons, which make an atom. These particles are not the ultimate building blocks of matter either. There are gluons, leptons, and muons etc, which appear and disappear as matter as a manifestation of energy. Science tells us that ultimately it is the energy, which creates the known universe. The matter that we are able to sense with our five senses is actually frozen energy.

I wouldn’t advise it but you could take a lump of enriched Uranium 235. It will appear very heavy and somewhat warm to the touch. If you took sufficient quantity of it and made it explode as an atom bomb, the mass of Uranium will be converted to a great deal of energy, which will do very interesting things to you and the environment. It will however prove that matter and energy are inter-convertible.

Having established that matter is frozen energy, we might want to look at energy itself a little more intently. The light from Sun, Moon, stars, light bulbs and every other source is energy. Heat is also energy. If you provide enough heat, most things will begin to glow and emit light. Sound of every type is energy as well. There is one fundamental similarity in all energies. They vibrate. The difference between different forms of energies is the rate at which they vibrate. So we can say with complete scientific certainty that vibration is the ultimate source of matter.

If we can produce right kind of vibration, we can produce right kind of results. This is the basis of all prosperity producing methods given in the Vedic or Hindu philosophy.

How can we produce the right vibration? Through our mouths of course. We can use sound energy to manifest anything we want. It takes some doing, but it can be done. All one needs is the right kind of language. Language thus becomes the tool with which to write the software, which produces a particular result that we want.

This is something we do as a routine. We write, print, compute, animate, take pictures and do a million other things with software every day. We use different instructional languages for the purpose and produce the results on our computer screen. The Vedic methods use Sanskrit or its derivative languages, and produce results in three dimensions. Results that we can consume, gloat over, bank or put in our pockets. It takes some time and some doing but beats backbreaking monotonous work hands down any day. Yes! it is perfectly possible to do nothing and yet produce wealth. The universe has super abundant energy and all we have to do is to learn how to harness it.

To be continued......

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