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Sunday, September 27, 2009

How To Delete Poverty, Misery and Sickness From The File Of Our Life. Part I

Ever since the time that man walked away from his cave and discarded his animal skin, spear and club, he has hankered after prosperity and its derivative – the social status. The three dimensional world that surrounds us is intimately linked to our five senses. Those who are able to gratify their senses at will are considered powerful and society looks up to them as leaders. No wonder then that attainment of money and power has become ultimate goals for all of us. (A very tiny minority is free from this temptation but this book is not meant for them, as they need none of it.)

Most of us however are not as wealthy as we would like to be. There is always one more need and one more bill to pay and not enough money in the bank to take care of it.

The reason why this happens forms the basis of one of the most ancient and complete philosophies ever known to man. From the same philosophy come the chants, rituals, Yantra and other measures that can remedy lack of money and happiness.

Many people believe that hard work and knowledge alone can make one wealthy and powerful. This may be true in some cases but a careful analysis will prove that it is an exception and not a rule. There are professors of management in universities all over the world who just make their paycheck and nothing more. Then there are millions of people spread all over the word who perform back breaking work for hours together but barely eke out a living.

Some people believe that there is a magical law of attraction and that all one has to do to attract prosperity is to focus on it all the time. This theory of attraction is unproven because very few people have demonstrably become wealthy by using it. While it is true that law of attraction works, it must be understood the context in which it functions. Bad Karma generated in past lives will relentlessly express itself. In the present incarnation it will attract such people and circumstances that will bring home the lesson of that bad karma. It is not possible to equal Bill Gate’ s wealth by law of attraction. One cant over draw from one’s Karma account, and no credit facilities exist there.

Perfectly healthy people die in an accident and chronically ill linger on in a painful existence for many years. Innocent people are thrown in jail and executed for crimes they did not commit while criminals roam free. These may be blamed on corruption and an unjust system which may be true, but whatever the reason the underlying cause is still the seed of the Karma brought forth from past life which is germinating now.

Our death is not the stop button on the video player of life. It is only a pause. A new DVD is inserted, the soul is born again in a new body and undergoes happiness or sorrow, wealth or poverty, good health or sickness etc in an endless cycle.

To be continued....

Rajiv Sethi

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