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Monday, September 21, 2009

Housing crisis in US – What is the prognosis? Part II

As Saturn moved further into Gemini he transited over ninth lord Sun on July 06, 2004. Sun rules over the ninth house in the US horoscope and represents religion, judiciary, law, international court of justice, foreign affairs, highly educated classes, science and technology. Saturn was influencing the ninth lord Sun as well as the ninth house. Jupiter was at that time transiting the ninth house. This brought about a public swing towards political right and conservatism. It was instrumental in making George Walker Bush the president of the US for a second term.
To complete the picture let us take a look at the transit effects of planets on US from the Moon Chart. All houses mentioned hereafter are counted from Moon.
Real estate is intimately connected to the general economy of the US. When the disposable income goes up people buy houses, when it goes down people look the other way. It is clear that for housing market to look up either the economy must start performing well, or the government should step in and help people by restructuring mortgages. Economy is not going to start performing in the near future because it is driven by consumers and they don’t have any money left.
Government is not going to step in to help people with sub prime interest rates because they have a bad credit history. Things will remain as they are.
Saturn will transit the eighth house for next thirty months and keep the economy destabilized. There might be small spurts of growth which will quickly vanish.
These will be caused by small, faster planets like Mercury, Venus and Mars. Jupiter’s transit remains adverse until May 03, 2010. He becomes favorable after that. No real growth is possible before that date. The growth will slowly accelerate and will be steady once Saturn leaves Virgo and enters Libra on November 16, 2011. A jolt to communication industry and wall street is possible around September 2011.
Truth is the first casualty in a crisis. Governments keep it hidden from the public in public interest. It is important to analyze closely what is going on and take steps to benefit from it.
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