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Monday, September 7, 2009

Gaj Muktak

Gaj Muktak as the name suggests is a pearl like object that originates from an elephant. Surprised? Well so was I when I first heard about it. That was in the March of 2001. A client walked in and wanted to talk about his business matters. Naturally I asked him what he did and he told me he was a dealer in Gaj Muktak, Nag Mani and other exotic and very rare objects. He bought these in India and sold them to wealthy clients mostly in US. In time I forgot all about it. Gaj Muktak again entered my life during the past week when I actually saw one.

What is Gaj Muktak?

Gaj Muktak is produced by an alpha male elephant. It is said that elephants have an active gland on the forehead from where a resinous fluid oozes out. In some elephants this fluid forms a nacre with in the gland itself. As the size of the nacre grows, it becomes uncomfortable for the elephant. When it can’t bear it anymore, it rubs his forehead against a tree until the walnut sized object falls off. This object is called a Gaj Muktak and is believed to have miraculous properties. It is considered to be an embodiment of Lord Ganesh. It brings continuous good fortune to the owner and elevates him to the pinnacle of success. It has healing powers as well. Water in which Gaj Muktak has been immersed for 24 hours cures many chronic ailments. Naturally its price is astronomical. A genuine Gaj Muktak can sell for US$ 40000.00 or more.

I am not an expert on elephant anatomy and biology so wouldn't be able to vouch for the formation part. I would however affirm that Gaj Muktak exists and is extremely rare.


A Gaj Muktak is a walnut sized object and it also resembles it. In appearance it looks and feels like ivory.

Tests for Gaj Muktak

When immersed in water bubbles start coming out of it and continue to do so for some time. If wrapped in a Paan leaf, it eats it away and produces holes in it.

Being very rare, it is always in hot demand and supply always falls far short of demand. This is a one off and very curious kind of object. I thought I would share it with you.

Gaj Muktak gives the same benefits as a good quality pearl. Only difference is that the results are a thousands more. Unlike a pearl it is not worn on the body but kept in the place where the wealth is kept, something like a money box. Its effect keeps multiplying the wealth.

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  1. Gaj Muktak.Hi. I was given a Gaj Muktak by a monk in sri lanka. It is formed in (on?)the head of a male elephant where he secrets that sticky gluey stuff when he is in heat.
    It has magical properties.


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