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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bismillah Khan Shehnai

Bismillah Khan (shehnai) complete file.mp3

Shehnai is a double reed musical instrument from India. It has a sound that is uniquely suited to happy occasions. Marriages take place in the backdrop of Shehnai music.
It is believed to have its origins in Kashmir valley where a similar instrument called Band-i-Pather is still in use. According to another view it is an improved version of Pungi or Been - a wind instrument used by snake charmers.
It resembles the Nadswaram of Carnatic music of south India.
In other legends, the Shehnai is named after 'Sheh' (breath) and 'Nai' (flute). Shehnai is usually played in traditional North Indian Marriages and is associated with the Bride leaving her parental house for her husband’ s house.
Ustad Bismillah Khan was the foremost exponent of Shehnai and brought it from relative obscurity to world stage. Here is an excellent piece from his repertoire. Enjoy this morsel from India.

Rajiv Sethi

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