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Monday, August 31, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine flu is caused by H1N1 virus which is the mutated form of pig influenza virus. A flu stricken person displays symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, body ache, head ache, chills and fatigue. The 2009 infection may cause diarrhea and vomiting as well.
Like all viral infections, it is a battle between the virus and the body’s immune system. People with a strong immunity will not be infected. This immunity may be natural or acquired through a flu shot.
Pandemics are not uncommon for humanity. We all know about the plague that savaged Europe in the middle ages and killed hundred of thousands of people. Then there was a flu pandemic in US it self just before the first world war. That too took a huge toll of population.
Time to take a small detour
The interesting thing to note is that a lot of people remain unaffected even at the peak of the scourge. Why does that happen? Even in the current times studies have been done on truck drivers to check their response to HIV virus. The results were remarkable. A sizable number of these people were regularly exposed to the virus but remained healthy. Apparently this group had a strong resistance to the virus.
The health of an individual squarely depends upon the strength of his ascendant and the planet ruling over it. If both are powerful, the person will have a strong and attractive body. This is true of both sexes. Such a person will have strong, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, execratory and reproductive system. Her immunity to disease will be remarkable.
Healthy people have a strong aura which can extend up to a foot from their skin all along their body on all sides. Its color will depend upon their personality type. You would know these people by the way you react to them. They engulf you in a warmth which exudes from their core. One gets carried away for the duration of the meeting. This too is the gift of the strong ascendant lord. He sends so much energy to the physical body that it extends beyond the human body.
Coming back to the topic of swine flu, it is obvious that we must take all steps that boost our immune system. Ayurved has prescribed some herbs that do just that. Following remedies will prove very helpful in prevention and cure of swine flu.
1. Drink tea made from Tulsi (holy Basel) and Giloi. This strengthens the lungs and the mucous membrane and makes these immune to viruses.
2. Boil a teaspoonful of turmeric with milk and drink it when warm. Surprisingly it tastes quite good. It has excellent anti bacterial properties and removes Kapha (phlegm) from lungs.
3. Pranayam (especially Anulom -Vilom) and meditation help indirectly. These reduce stress which is the main culprit in lowering immunity.
4. Keep digestive track clear by reducing meat and increasing vegetables in everyday diet.
Have a stress free and healthy life.

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