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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Simple tricks to live happy and prosperous life

Vedic astrology uses planets from Sun to Saturn only for prediction purposes. These are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. The last two are the points created by the intersection of the orbit of Moon around earth with the orbit of earth around Sun. Their effect on life is so profound that they have been given the status of a real planet.

Sun being the soul of our solar system represents the human soul as well. He is represented by copper on earth. Moon rules over the mind and her representative metal is silver. Jupiter rules over spirituality and right actions and is symbolized by gold. When these three metals are worn together they direct the soul and mind towards spirituality. So how do we wear them together? The best way is to have one millimeter thick wires of gold, silver and copper and wind these around each other, then have a bangle made out of this three strand wire. It has a powerful effect on mind and helps a great deal in meditation. It also generates happiness and prosperity. The thickness of wires is a matter of personal choice.

Sun, Saturn, and Rahu are three planets that create separation. It is for this reason that their results are generally unfavorable. What do we mean by creating separation? When these three planets associate and influence a house or the planet ruling over that house, they tend to separate a person from the results of that house. For example Sun, Saturn, or Rahu when associated the fifth house or fifth lord will create problems connected to children. In the case of Sun the child will be a strong willed one, and be a handful for the parents. Saturn will delay the arrival of children and Rahu will create undiagnosed health issues connected to child birth. We all know of people who are completely healthy but unable to have children. In all such cases Rahu is involved one way or the other.
Any one of these three planets if connected to Moon causes some mind related problem. In the case of Sun it may be simple moodiness. However depending upon the severity of affliction to Moon by Rahu or Saturn or both, this may range from mild to deep depression. If Mercury is also involved then even more serious conditions may develop.
It is therefore a good idea to keep these planets happy. In the case of Sun it can be done by chanting Gayatri Mantra 10, or 28 times daily. Stand facing the rising Sun and chant the Mantra. It helps if you use a copper pot to offer water to Sun by letting it fall in a steady stream to the ground during the chanting. If you live in an apartment use a potted plant as a receptacle for falling water. A pot the size of a cup is all that is needed. Many Yoga studios and some videos on “You tube” teach how to do Sun salutations. That really helps. Choose what ever is easier.
For Saturn it is a good idea to wear an iron ring made from a horse shoe on the middle finger of the left hand. For Rahu, have a ring made with seven parts gold, twelve parts silver and sixteen parts copper. The ring should be in the form of a serpent. Wear this ring on a Saturday. It definitely promotes happiness and prosperity.

Saturn and Rahu bring to us the results of the bad karma done by us in past lives, so generally represent negativity in the present one. It is therefore an excellent idea to donate labor and money to institutions that care for battered, sick, mentally and physically challenged people. It is not necessary to do it every day but it is important to do it regularly. You will be amazed at how your own life begins to change for better as you spend time in the service of these people. Find out the nearest facility and donate a few hours per week. The smile that you put on their faces will be multiplied a thousand times on your own.

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