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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rahu and Ketu - Origin and transit Part II

During 2009, Rahu passes through Capricorn until November 03. Then he moves to Sagittarius where he remains until May 05, 2011.
Results of Rahu transit in Capricorn until November 06 this year.
Sizable mismatch between income and expenditure with the latter outstripping the former by a great margin. Profession is beset with complications that create mental tension.
Professional setbacks occur but hard work brings success. There is money available for essentials but not for frivolities.
Financial gains and opportunities for growth abound. There is expenditure on happy events. Favorable news brings cheer all around.
Events that appear to be heading towards completion are stalled. A secret worry gnaws at your mind. This is in addition to income being lower than your spending.
Financial worries increase. Despite hard work there is very little improvement in the overall picture.
A tiff with a close family member leads to much resentment. Family matters become a source of worry. Money remains in short supply.
Business and professional success after hard work. Income is plentiful but so are the expenses.
Courage and combative spirit is at peak. A journey proves productive. New avenues of earning open up. Expenses keep pace with earnings.
Family squabbles, needless expenses, fear of injury and disease are likely. Mind remains tense.
Quarrel with a friend or relative. Fear of disease and enemies exists. Finances remain high. You might go on a long journey.
Projects nearing completion face setbacks. Needless running around saps energy. Expenses remain high and make you tense.
Stalled projects get moving again. Gains of/from car, real estate and items of luxury. Happiness and financial gains abound.

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