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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to choose the best time for success

Well begun is half done. A general desiring victory will choose the time and place of his convenience to fight his battles. 

Given below are the names and characteristics of some good Yogas that ensure success in an undertaking provided it is started at the date and time at which the Yoga is taking place.

Sarvarth Siddh Yog is good for signing a contract, sitting for an exam, applying for a job, starting a law suit or filing papers for election. It is also good for trading, buying and selling, starting a journey and buying high ticket items like vehicles, jewelry etc.

Amrit Siddh Yog is good for everything mentioned above but it is especially good for initiating a romance, proposing, getting married and traveling abroad. For people who want to perform a ritual like Yajna, or a special Pooja, this Yog yields very good results.

Ravi Yog is another Yog which annihilates other bad yogas present at that time and guarantees success.

Ravi-Pushya Yog is good for gathering herbs and preparing medicines. It is also good for administering medicine to a patient. Yantra making, Mantra chanting and Tantra rituals yield superior results during this Yog.

Guru-Pushya Yog is an auspicious time to receive knowledge about Yantra, Mantra,Tantra or any other specialized subject from elders, Guru or other such venerable persons. This is also a good period for real estate transactions, becoming a disciple, spiritual training, and going abroad.

Dwipushkar Yog is ideal for buying high value items like jewelry, new car, real estate, livestock and new venture. What ever is done during this period will happen twice. If a mishap occurs, that too will be repeated.

For best results, it is an excellent idea to take into account the strength of Moon. Moon should be within six days from Purnima (the full Moon day). Such a Moon is strong and able to carry things through.

Jupiter and Venus are two prime benefics and their blessings are necessary for the successful completion of all events. They must not be Ast (Sanskrit term for a planet too close to Sun and combust.)

Rajiv Sethi

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  1. Dear Raj,
    I very much enjoy this interesting blog.
    Keep up the good work!
    The current cycle has left me feeling weary, yet wired. I suspect I am not the only person feeling late summer's heaviness.
    Thanks again,


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